Thank you for your interest in the Northeast Harbor Fleet (NEH Fleet) and in joining its membership.

As a NEH Fleet member, one may partake in and have access to the NEH Fleet’s activities and privileges.  These include participation in all NEH Fleet sponsored races and teas, access to the Northeast Harbor Sailing School boats to sail at your leisure, use of the launch service, mooring rentals as availability permits, and guest privileges for your summer visitors. 

The NEH Fleet offers a number of membership categories.  Please see below for the different levels of membership and the corresponding dues and initiation fee.  The initiation fee for Family and Individual Membership may be paid over two years.

Please note that Family Members of the NEH Fleet are welcome to take advantage of the classes offered through the Northeast Harbor Sailing School.  These classes are offered for both children and adults.  Family Members and their children may sign up for unlimited classes.  Grandchildren and guests are also welcome to participate for one week.

 To apply for membership, please either click this link or complete the application below along with two supporting letters from current NEH Fleet members.  The letters may be informal and submitted via email to  They should include details on how long the writer has known you and through what capacity: as a family member, friend, coworker, etc.  Supporting letters are only required of applicants for Individual or Family Membership

You are welcome to visit the NEH Fleet House at 48 South Shore Road in Northeast Harbor (parking is located on nearby Maple Lane) as well as meet our staff members during our operating hours in July and August.  I would be happy to try to meet you there as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I hope to see you at the NEH Fleet this summer.


Alexandra C. Long, Membership Committee Chair

2023 Membership Categories & Dues

INITIATION FEE - $1,650 This fee is paid in addition to Dues by new Family and Individual Members. Other membership categories are not required to pay an Initiation Fee.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - DUES $1265 An individual person or couple may apply for Family Membership. Family Membership is required when more than one individual in a family unit consisting of a head of household, his or her spouse and or their children under the age of 24 desires to enjoy the privileges of membership or to extend these privileges to Family Guests (defined as visiting children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren of the Family Member(s) for a period not to exceed one week each summer) . Family Guests need not be resident in the same household as the Family Member(s). In no case will Family Guests be eligible for more than one week membership privileges per summer. Upon reaching the age of 24, children of Family Members shall be automatically eligible for Intermediate Membership.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBER - DUES $891Any eligible person who has reached his or her 30th birthday may be elected an Individual Member. An Individual Member may become a Family Member without application by paying the dues for that class of membership. Individual Members may offer Guests (but not Family Guests) privileges for a period not to exceed one week each summer.

SENIOR MEMBER - DUES $99 (Suggested Voluntary Supplement $412) Annual dues and assessments for those members who reach the age of 70 and who have been members for 25 years may be at a reduced rate as set by the Executive Committee. Senior Members have the same privileges as Individual Members and may offer guests or family privileges for one week. A member who has reached the age of 80, and who has paid dues for a period of 35 years shall not be required to pay further dues and assessments.

INTERMEDIATE MEMBER - DUES $154 Any eligible person who has reached their 18th birthday but has not yet reached their 30th birthday as of the last day of the current Fiscal Year may become an Intermediate Member of the Fleet. Current Intermediate Members qualify as “member on board” to win Fleet Trophies, are eligible to represent the Fleet as NEHF Team Members and may invite guests. They may become Individual Members or Family Members when they reach their 30th birthday, without application, upon paying the dues, assessments, and initiation fee for Individual or Family Membership. The initiation fee shall be reduced by the amount of prior dues paid by the applicant in this category

SUSTAINING MEMBER - DUES $236.50A person who has been a member of the Fleet for five consecutive years or more may become a Sustaining Member by notifying the Chairman of the Membership Committee before April 30 of the current year. Sustaining Members have no voting privileges, are not entitled to participate in Fleet events, use the Fleet facilities or rent a Fleet mooring and are not counted in the calculation of a quorum for Member Meetings. Sustaining Members who wish to re-instate their full membership (either Individual or Family) must notify the Chairman before April 30 of the current year and must pay the appropriate Membership Fee.

RESIDENT STUDENT MEMBER – DUES $55 Course tuition still applies. As part of the NEHSS outreach program to the local community, this membership category is available to persons who:
(a) are year-round residents of Hancock County, (b) have reached their 6th birthday and (c) are enrolled as students in the Northeast Harbor Sailing School. Resident Student Members are not entitled to voting privileges, and do not qualify as the “Member on Board” in Fleet races, other than those races conducted by the Northeast Harbor Sailing School.



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